Organize & Manage
critical Notes from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
Create Notes with text, photos, videos, audio and document files and store them in your iPhone or iPad whenever you want, whether you are offline or online!

Link Notes together like a wiki and bring a full personal web site with you in your pocket. Share your personal or business content with your friends, family and co-workers.

Organize your personal or business digital life making simple Notes from your iPhone, and synchronize your content between home computer, business computer and your iPhone.

is perfect for business users, students or teachers who own an iPhone or iPad and need to have access at any time to rich content thru personal or business notes that are linked together.

Using WikiTouch, you have the perfect tool to link together meeting notes, important emails, photos albums, important business or personal videos, or even community projects.

WikiTouch Features & Benefits
WikiTouch "Notes": Nice User Interface makes it easy to create, find and organize your notes.
WikiTouch "Always On": Work with Notes at any time, anywhere, while offline or online as notes and documents can be store into your iPhone or iPad disk.
WikiTouch "Sync": Synchronize Notes with multiple computers(home, business) and your iPhone or iPad.
WikiTouch "Web": Manage Notes using iPhone, iPad or any computer's web browser. Take a picture or a video from your iPhone, attach it to a Note and view it from your computer. This is pretty amazing to Sync content over the Internet, it works with no additional software.
WikiTouch "Multimedia": Notes are primary Text based content, but the user can add photos, videos, audio, documents or web links. You can also add Links between Notes, building full personal book content to keep your memories safe.
WikiTouch "Share": Share Notes with co-workers, friends or family members. Add Links between your Notes and other trusted people Notes.
WikiTouch "Photo": Add photos from your local iPhone or iPad photo library, or take a photo using the iPhone camera and add it to your Note.
WikiTouch "Video": Add videos from your local iPhone library, or record a short video using the iPhone camera and add it to your Note.
WikiTouch "AudioRecorder": Record audio message, add message to Note, send or share audio message.
WikiTouch "Storage": Add document to Notes, Save remote files, such as document, photo, video or audio on your local iPhone disk, and retrieve files while offline. You can also share your local files between your different computers or with your co-workers.
WikiTouch "Cloud": Upload photos, videos and document files to our Internet server. Share these files between your computers and iPhone or iPad.
WikiTouch "Live": Click on Note, Photo, Link or File and automatically start an interactive presentation with friends or co-workers. Publish, Broadcast, Share in real time Notes, photos, documents, audio and video files to your trusted Network peers, and start interactive live sessions.
WikiTouch "Email":Share your Note by just sending its content by email to any contact.
WikiTouch "smtp": Post notes via email.
WikiTouch "Geo": Store and Share your position (via Geolocalization) each time you create or update a Note.
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